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When people ask me what I do, the easy answer is “I’m an artist.”  Rarely do they ask anything beyond that.  They may say, “Oh, how nice….”

Creative Entrepreneur has been used recently to describe people like me.  We have this weird marriage between business and creativity, always looking for ways to combine the two in new ways.  For me, this journey has centered on craft production and economic development.  The scope has narrowed specifically to textiles and fiber art since around 2000.

The short version of my path and influences:

I believe that all art is essential in order to create a healthy society.  Selling it is a conversation between the maker and the buyer.  It inspires, builds bridges, allows people to work at home and offers an alternative to the corporate world order.  Together, we can change the world and we knock down the bridges that divide us.  It is political, revolutionary, and I want to contribute to the effort.  My corner happens to focus on handmade textile traditions, but it’s all part of the larger whole.  We sing, dance, plant, color, and stomp our way to where the individual and the community can make a difference.

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Rayela Art is the umbrella for my creative and entrepreneurial activities.  Here are some quick links to other pages on this site describing what I do these days:

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List

Etsy Shops:

Rayela Art

Afghan Tribal Arts

Oshiwa Designs


Mehndi Body Art


I am available for consulting work with small art businesses and for possible commission work.