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Barns Are For People, Too
January 25, 2013 rayela

Barns Are For People, Too

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Angelic Organics Barn

There is a barn on a farm.

DIRT cabbage

On that farm is Farmer John.


Farmer John likes to have fun.

His daddy built that barn and all kinds of stuff happened there.

You can see it all on “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”:

Gotta see it all, not just the clip!

(Click below to watch it.)





Then, there’s my friend, Tom:


He brings people and animals to the farm.


That old barn needs some help.

This is all about community, the land, great food, being green, and maybe wearing a boa, too.

Classes to teach, people to gather, thousands and thousands coming through…

All looking for a place in that old, old barn.

Money!  They need some!

Angelic Organics wants to breathe some new life into the old barn, turning it into a structure that can accommodate the kinds of activities that are already happening there. My friend, Tom Spaulding, runs the Learning Center on the farm, a place where organic farmers from around the country receive support and training and where inner-city groups, kids, farm supporters and others can come and learn about the land, the animals, and the food that grows on living soil.  The Learning Center will benefit greatly from this revitalized structure.

You can help! Join in the fun!

Toss a coin (or a fist full of green dollars!) into the pot over at Kickstarter!

Angelic Organics is located in Caledonia, pretty close to Rockford, Illinois.  But, what they do has a national and global impact.  

The farm is a for-profit CSA servicing Rockford, Chicago and the area.

Angelic Organics’ Learning Center is a non-profit organization housed on the farm which oversees the animal husbandry program, provides training to farmers, and runs workshops on the farm and in Chicago for groups and inner-city communities.

Be a part of what is important to keep our world safe, healthy and green.

Make that barn a nice place for people, where they can come, learn, and then go out and spread it to the rest of the world.

This barn is for you, too!



Angelic Organics

The Learning Center


Kickstarter Fundraiser


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