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Crochet? TAFA wants YOU!
June 18, 2012 rayela

Crochet? TAFA wants YOU!

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Collaboration is one of the great things that can happen on the internet, especially when people share a common interest in networking and in building those bridges.  Kathryn Vercillo publishes a hefty blog that zooms in on crochet.  From the lowly acrylic granny squares to the high couture use of crochet in fashion garments, she gives all of them equal adulation.  Her blog has the hard-to-spell name ‘Crochet Concuspiscence‘ which she defines in her About page:

  • Crochet. “Make a piece of needlework by interlocking and looping thread with a hooked needle” … “Crochet is a process of creating fabric from yarn or thread using a crochet hook.”
  • Concupiscence. “An ardent, usually sensuous, longing” … ”The never satiated desire to draw as much of reality as possible into one’s self; the unlimited striving for” … “Specifically, concupiscence is the spontaneous movement of our sensual appetite toward what we imagine as pleasant and away from what we imagine as painful.”

Kind of goes with her Facebook picture, doesn’t it?

Yes!  She is wearing a crocheted top as a scarf!  Fun, spunky and smart, it’s been great to connect with her.  Kathryn mentioned TAFA back in March and then again a few days ago which started our conversation: computer problems, social media strategy, and then finally, an idea popped into my head about how we could both help each other.

TAFA has a really nice mix of products representing the textile and fiber art traditions, but we could really use more members who specialize in the needle arts: crochet, knitting, embroidery and so on.  There is so much going on in the whole textile/fiber art arena!  If you hop around on Kathryn’s blog, you will realize that crochet as a technique, has emerged as one more way of expressing an artistic concept.  Yes, there is a place for the traditional throws and accessories that so many of our grandmothers made, but the use of a crochet hook and thread goes beyond what any of our ancestors could have imagined.  Artists also combine traditional patterns with other media.  One example Kathryn featured on her blog is the work of Kristen Wicklund who combines crochet with pottery.  She makes her pieces, then dips them in porcelain and fires them:

You will find all kinds of stories like that on the Crochet Concuspiscence!

We brainstormed a bit on how we can help each other.  TAFA wants more crocheters who have a product to sell, both traditional and contemporary.  Let’s show the world what can be done with that hook and thread!  Kathryn can always use more readers, so we want you to go visit her blog.  Here is the deal:

There is $75 membership fee to join TAFA.  If you crochet and want to be a TAFA member, you can get a 25% discount.  First you need to read our membership guidelines, then you need to send in your links for approval, and then you need to go over to our post on Crochet Concupiscence and leave a comment.  Just so there is no confusion, this is where we are over there:  TAFA Promotion.

Kathryn started a page on Facebook recently, so she could use more fans over there, too.  If you are on Facebook, like her page and get updates over there:

This discount is valid through Sunday, June 24th, 2012.  Hurry up and join us!

The lesson here is that you never know what good things will come of interacting with the people you meet online.  Rarely did people comment on my old blog, Fiber Focus, and then I would run into someone and they would say something about what I had posted.  Don’t be a lurker!  Jump in and speak your mind.  Both Kathryn and I will love hearing from you.  Who knows?  You might find some great people who also share your interests.  Let’s build some bridges!