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The template that I am using on this site, Flexography, was developed by Marios of   There are thousands of templates out there and I spent hours and hours looking for something that would work for me.  I wanted a clean, modern look and that is what dessign is all about.  There are many beautiful choices and I had a hard time picking the one that I would use.  The main criteria I used was to pick a template that would also work on ipads and iphones, something to consider with mobile technology becoming a preferred way to navigate the web.   Although Marios has many free ones, Flexography is a premium choice with a $29 price tag attached to it.  It is one of the mobile responsive choices.  I happily paid that as I think that Marios deserves compensation for his beautiful work.  It is an affordable price for me and I wish I could give him more.

It is always a bit of a leap of faith when you buy something like that from a stranger.  Marios does have a ‘how to’ video for his templates which helped get me started.  I made a blunder and emailed him and he jumped right in to help.  Now I am a fan!

My next project will be to re-do the Afghan Tribal Arts site.  I did that about 10 years ago, using Frontpage, and it is sorely out of date.  Marios emailed me the above photo theme as a possible choice and I loved it!  I think it will display ATA’s beads and textiles beautifully!  Here is a screen shot of the old site as it stands now:

I can just see it in my mind’s eye and am itching to start, but first have to get caught up on other stuff.  Both my site and Abdul’s also involve changing servers and that is always a pain.  My old server does not accommodate WordPress well and it is also twice as expensive as bluehost, which I am now using.  I must put in a good word for them, too, as they have provided great customer service and helped me make the transfer as painlessly as possible.

WordPress has not come easily to me, but I am getting more comfortable with it.  If you also have an outdated site, you might consider it, but be ready for a great deal of frustration as you set it up.  A template is a great way to get good back bones into a design and then you can always tweak it if you understand code or get someone else to change it for you.

What do you use?  How do you like the dessign templates?  Do you have any favorite WordPress plugins?  That was another headache as WordPress comes with a skeletal choice of tools and then you have to find and add in the things you need for your site.  For example, I needed a table in one of my posts and the editor that came with my version didn’t offer that choice.  So, I added TinyMCE, a plugin that expanded my editing possibilities.  Share some of your discoveries, headaches, etc. here so that we may all learn from each other.  If you wish to see responses, please check the box to follow responses as I will respond here.

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  1. Ellen Agger says:

    Thanks for this info, Rachel. I have never worked with WordPress but am interested in doing this in the future. A local designer also advised I check out Elegant Themes and said this: You can find installation instructions here (see “Local Installation Instructions” near the bottom). You’ll need to download MAMP to use as your local host, through which you’ll create your databases. And Elegant Themes is really great because if you pay the $40 fee, you have access to ALL their themes! I look forward to more comments.

  2. Rayela says:

    Thanks, Ellen!

    One thing that needs to be clear: there are two WordPress platforms. One is a free blog available at There are a lot of limitations to it and I believe that you can’t have your own url. WordPress hosts that for free.

    The other is which needs to have its own host (I went with Bluehost). When I got started there was all this installation info that was very intimidating. Bluehost caters to wordpress users and it was very easy, just a push of the button and it was done.

    I just took a look at Elegant Themes and it does look like it offers a huge range of templates. Like I said in the post, there are thousands of them out there and it is a major headache to decide which one to use. It all depends on what you want to do with it.

    You have a shopping cart and a blog, so you would have to take that into consideration. I’m pretty much of a newbie to the WordPress world, so can’t offer any feedback yet on alternatives. I would look for reviews of users who have tried out Elegant Themes with a shopping cart. The backend of how things work is so important! I installed several slide show plugins because I wanted to consolidate images within a post and although they looked great on the description page, once I tried them they were either too time consuming to use or didn’t have the management tools I wanted. Same theme with the themes.

    Many of the paid themes do not offer refunds, so that makes it even scarier to jump in. Hopefully, others will offer their feedback here, too. I am definitely interested!

  3. Looking great Rachel, I have a free WP site & loving it – I always have it in my mind to go the self hosted road but I’m not tech savvy enough to give that a go just yet – as you said the free WP has lots of limitations, nevertheless, I’ve managed to work around them & I’m more than happy with the results – I’m sure, with your tech know-how you’ll do wonderful things here – Ren

  4. Rayela says:

    Wow, Re! I hadn’t been to your site in awhile and you have done a lot to it! I like how you have your gallery images link to your etsy and zibbet shops. And, what plugin are you using for your image galleries? It’s all very clean and easy to navigate. Kudos to you!

  5. Thanks Rachel.. no plugins just using what the theme allows – gallery set up is part of the Twenty Ten theme.. there are other newer ones now but I’m happy with what I have…

  6. Fiona says:

    Thanks for this post. I was debating whether or not to use as wasn’t sure how good their support would be (an email I sent to Marios bounced) but this makes me feel more confident. Would you say they’ve been good to deal with all the time or just straight after you purchase it?

    • Rayela says:

      Hmmm…. that’s odd. He’s answered my questions pretty quickly and I have had contact with him since I bought the template. Maybe he is on vacation and his email is full. I would try again in a couple of days. I’ve liked him and he seems very personable. I hope that he’s ok!

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