Get Rayela Art on your smart phone!

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Have a smart phone?  I don’t, but I know that I will probably have to join the masses one of these days.  My friends have them and I can see that they are pretty useful little buggers, but I resist.  I like a phone to be a phone, a camera to be a camera, and I feel like I already have to keep up with so many changes in technology on the web, that the thought of learning one more gizmo gives me a headache.

Complaining aside, I’ve signed up my biz on to an app which you can download on to YOUR smart phone!   😉  Click on the image above and you will be able to do it, easy peasy.

This app comes from who is trying to go around the app stores method currently used on smart phones.  The process is fast and easy, but I think they still need to do some work on it.  The feeds can be pretty boring and it didn’t even pick up my YouTube one from what I can tell.  For example, both my blog and etsy shop feeds are all text, no images.  I doubt people will explore those much as we are all pretty image oriented these days.  However, the Facebook feed is attractive and that has my blog syndicated anyhow (that’s what you are reading right now).  If you have a web presence that you want to promote on smart phones, give them a try!

I also got TAFA on there.  To follow TAFA’s news, click on the image below.  Ring-a-ding-ding!  We’re on your phone!

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