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New website for Afghan Tribal Arts!
September 14, 2012 rayela

New website for Afghan Tribal Arts!

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I’ve been working on a new website for Afghan Tribal Arts.  The old one was outdated, weary, and boring.  I set it up TWELVE years ago on Frontpage and the world has changed a lot since then!  I’m using a template similar to this one from Dessign.net and am making progress.  You can see a post I did on their templates here.  I like how clean they look, but there are formatting things that I want to change, both here and there, and have to figure out how to do it while being a code idiot.  I’m sure there is a good plug-in out there, but I just have to do the research.  Any tips?

As Afghan Tribal Arts has a mountain of inventory, the strategy is to use Etsy as the shopping cart and then have general posts on the website that describe types of products.  I still have so much content to add there, but it will grow over time.  Right now, I want to at least have enough to cover the basics in the beads, jewelry and textiles.  The Holiday season IS coming, so it’s time to get all of our ducks in a row.

If you are a fan of the gorgeous craft traditions that come from Afghanistan and the surrounding region, you will love Afghan Tribal Arts!  You may leave special requests and comments over there and I will do my best to attend to them.  It’s not easy to do all of this by myself, but I’ve found that with spurts of activity, things can grow and develop.

So, hop on over there and share the site with your people!  Discover the beauty of Afghanistan!

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