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Oshiwa Designs
June 3, 2012 rayela

Oshiwa Designs

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Rayela Art represents Oshiwa Designs in North America.

Visit our shop on Etsy.

Carving a block. Oshiwa is a fair trade carving workshop which operates in Namibia. We have a large selection of their hand-carved textile stamps available on Etsy. Although we have been selling a fair amount on a monthly basis, it is not enough to support the carvers, so we hope that you will help us get the word out to increase our sales and their potential for making a living wage making this wonderful stamps.The Oshiwa stamps are carved out of Wawa wood from a sustainable forestry project in Ghana. The surface is smooth and will print beautifully on cloth or paper. The stamps can also be used to press into clay or soap. We sell the stamps individually or as sets on Etsy. Although some may have similar themes, the carvers are proud to say that each one is unique.

Do you have workshops on surface design? Consider carrying a couple of Oshiwa sets in your selection of printing stamps. Tell your students about our shop.

Oshiwa stamps are so beautiful that while they are not in use, you can display them on the wall! Just add a picture hanger to the back and you are all set. The paint and dye stains will just add character!

Here are some photos of the workshop and of finished products made with the stamps:


[portfolio_slideshow id=841]


Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the Etsy shop:


Rayela Art manages three shops on Etsy. Each has a separate check-out process and Pay Pal account, but items can be shipped together.

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