Quick TAFA Survey

We have an ad campaign going on with TAFA: 50% off for a year ad!  So, instead of $1,000 for the year, an ad is $500, a great way to test our site as we continue to move forward and grow.  Several TAFA members are helping me with this and we needed a bit more info on our audience than what Facebook or google analytics can show us.

Have a couple of minutes to help us out?  It’s a quickie with only ten questions.  Participate in our survey here.

And, if you have some marketing experience, we could also use your knowledge!  You can work with TAFA on this and get a 20% commission on ad sales.  ($100 for every $500 ad sold)  Use the Contact page on this site to get a hold of me.

Do you have an online business or charity that you would like to promote on TAFA?  Here is our Sponsor Ad Page: Click!

Your support will help us grow!  We have a wonderful audience and we can help them find YOU!

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