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Eileen Hallman has a dream.  That dream could come true, but we have to act fast as she found out about an opportunity that could give her the cash she needs to make that dream come true. Late in the game, but still possible, IF you help her out!

Eileen is a TAFA member who sells supplies and tools to spinners, weavers and others who share her interest in organic cotton.  She has been doing this since the early 1980’s, has invented shuttles and various cloth manipulation techniques, along with various lines of cotton fabrics, often mixed with other natural fibers for various effects.  Her latest project involves using cotton that has been treated with a natural process to accept dyes without having to use auxiliaries like soda ash and salt.  When combined with regular cotton fibers, the dyed results produce gorgeous variegated effects.  She calls this “EZ Dye Cotton” fabric.The fabric is available in a heavier weight, appropriate for garments and accessories, but now she would like to make it available in a lighter weight, making it accessible to quilters and other surface designers.  This should be of great interest to artists and design companies who dye their own fabric! 
I asked her about the process:

“The cotton is treated in an industrial closed-loop system, no harmful effluent, in the US where there are still strict rules on effluent quality. It is like a mordanting process. The cotton is treated before it is spun or woven, which will allow me to make blends for color gradations by carding it with untreated cotton.  

The fabric will be mill woven.  I hope to make checks, stripes, plaids, gradations mixing treated and untreated cottons. I will wholesale it to fabric shops and small businesses.  Right now, this fabric is only available if I or others hand weave it.”  (Eileen)

Example of EZ Dyed Cloth.  More here.


This dream needs financial backing as she will have to contract with U.S. farmers who grow the cotton, purchase equipment to process it, and hire people to market it.  Eileen’s path falls into the Gandhi tradition of weaving homespun cloth and of encouraging sustainability, creating jobs, and promoting cottage industries.  Given the current economic crisis we have seen worldwide, but especially within the textile industry here in the United States, wouldn’t it be great to help realize that dream?

Eileen lives in North Carolina, close to Asheville.  They have seen mill after mill close down with companies moving to China and other countries.  Your vote could help put some of these people back to work!

So, what is this vote about anyhow?

Eileen found out about a small business grant being given by Chase and Living Social, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Applicants need to show community support by getting 250 votes by midnight, June 30th.  That is tomorrow night!  Eileen needs 100 more to qualify as an applicant.  The competition is stiff and once she is eligible to apply for the grant, she will have to submit her proposal, be interviewed, etc.  She may not get this grant, but we sure would like to give her the opportunity to try!

Voting is easy-peasy, but you do need to have a Facebook id.  If you do, go here:

Mission: Small Business

Log in with your Facebook id, then enter New World Textiles in the search and click on the Vote button.  Really!  It just takes a couple of seconds!


Let’s make it happen!!!

Go Cotton!

7 responses to “Vote Now! New World Textiles needs your help!”

  1. gene mckeever says:

    beautiful work

  2. R. Claire Weintraub says:

    Cotton is still king…

  3. jenny whittall says:

    Love it!

  4. Rayela says:

    Update from Eileen:

    I ended up with 188 votes, not enough to qualify for the grant application, but it was a good learning experience.

    Many, many thanks to those who voted for me; I will be putting up a Facebook page where you can follow progress. I will apply for a loan, for significantly less than $250k, but it will be enough to get me on sound footing with a scaled back project. Stay tuned!

  5. Rose C. says:

    Hi Rayela! Have you considered Kickstarter? They do crowd-funding, based on proposals submitted; your project would also be given a designated time period to raise funds. Individuals who support your vision (worldwide)make donations, of any dollar amount, and if you don’t reach the target, no one loses any money. It is an excellent resource for businesses like yours (which I’m over the moon about) that are ready for expansion. I love your concept and know that you will draw considerable attention…check it out, it’s better than taking out a loan in this economy. Good luck!!

  6. Lux says:

    let me know when your FB page is up and keep up the good work-perserverence furthers-cheers Lux

  7. Rayela says:

    Thanks to both of you for your show of support! I did tell Eileen about Kickstarter and other crowd funders. We actually used IndieGoGo to fund TAFA’s website. I prefer it because you get the money as you raise it, while Kickstarter only gives it to you if you meet your goal. We did meet our goal of $5,000, but having access to the funds allowed us to get going on the site even before the fundraiser ended.

    You can contact Eileen directly through her TAFA Profile Page ( and find out more about what she is planning or to show support. This fabric is already available if she weaves it and I’m sure she would love to have people out there testing it and giving her feedback.

    I will post here when she gets her facebook page set up, so click the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” below the comment box if you would like to get updates.

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