Festival in Chicago, selling hats, 1995

My first experiments with serious sewing began by making hats.  I find them fascinating across cultures and wear them.  I like to think that I learned how to sew by working with clay.  I had been working with clay and did a lot of hand building and although I had studied embroidery when I was young and taken a sewing class in high school, I felt insecure.  But, after making things with clay, I thought I could do the same thing with fabric.  Now, so many years later, I keep running into fiber artists who also love to work with clay.  There is a connection there somehow.

Eventually, I wanted to make something bigger and moved into quilts and textiles.  But, I still like to make a batch of hats now and then, especially if I can work textures into them.  The slide show shows some of the things I’ve made in the past few years.

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  1. Wow they are all very beautiful !! I loved to dicover you dear Rachel some years ago on a market – seems very familliar. Best to you

  2. Rayela says:

    Thanks, Ariane! I am itching to sew again, but am having such a hard time making the time for it…. Hopefully, it will happen soon! I LOVE your hats and garments!!!

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